Nasza Arena (Our Arena) is a project designed to bring together likeminded members of the local community and offer them the possibility to get involved in something exciting – with no barriers or limitations.

As part of Nasza Arena (Our Arena), we put on a variety of cyclical events. Some of the most popular ones include: Arena Comedy (stand-up comedy evenings), Latino Dance Night (workshops combined with a dance party), Board Games Night (a nighttime gathering for board games fanatics) and themed dance parties for senior citizens.

Nasza Arena (Our Arena) is all about making the local community thrive, which is why we seek to promote a healthy lifestyle by organising a variety of activities alongside the major sport events. The football pitch in Mała Arena (Small Arena) has been specifically adapted to accommodate activities such as PE lessons, training sessions with professional athletes, family-oriented sports events and inter-term holidays.

Arena Gliwice is full of impressive spaces and fascinating stories, which you can discover on our guided tours. Would you like to know what it feels like to be a player about to start a big game, a VIP enjoying a luxurious lounge or an event manager working backstage at one of our major events? Our guides will offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peak.

New ideas

We’re open to your ideas and suggestions

One venue, endless options

Arena Gliwice is a massive space that offers amazing opportunities


We want to build a diverse community irrespective of gender, age and heritage. The more, the merrier!


We’re full of positive energy and we want to spread it around. It’s easy!

All in one

Nasza Arena (Our Arena) is all about the people. We’re here for those who would like to spend their leisure time actively – when there’s a will, there’s a way


Your opinion matters to us. Let us know how we’re doing – is there anything you particularly like or anything you’d like us to change? We’re always happy to hear from you – let’s make this venue a collaborative effort!