Arena Gliwice has joined the European Arenas Association. 

  • The venue and its management have been recognised by a leading force in the industry.
  • The venue, which is managed by Arena Operator, has become a member of European Arenas Association.
  • Arena Gliwice joined the organization along with AO Arena Manchester, UK's largest arena.
  • Other members of the EAA include The O2 in London and Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin.
  • Arena Gliwice continues to have a positive impact on the city's brand, making it increasingly recognisable to international audiences and concert promoters.
Arena Gliwice has joined the ranks of the European Arenas Association (EAA), an organization privileged to represent members that operate some of the world's most cutting edge venues, such as The O2 in London, Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin and Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Arena Gliwice joined the EAA along with AO Arena Manchester, one of the busiest indoor arenas hosting music and entertainment in the UK. European Arenas Association was established in 1991. It brings together 36 venues which host unrivalled programmes with outstanding artists, productions, sports and corporate events. Following Tauron Arena Kraków, Arena Gliwice is the second Polish venue to be admitted into the organization. The EAA membership is above all else a mark of effective management. The organization is committed to spreading best practice across its member arenas, as well as providing a forum for the discussion and development of new themes and ideas. It also plays a key role in setting management trends which are then implemented across all the venues. At the moment, these include integrating eco-friendly business practices and formulating a strategy for a safe return to live entertainment after the COVID-19 pandemic. A quick glance at the numbers immediately suggests the enormous potential of EAA members. In 2019, EAA venues organized almost 3000 events attended by nearly 20 million people. Thus, being part of the EAA allows Arena Gliwice the unique opportunity to participate in the exchange of knowledge and experience, and to collaborate with industry experts. EAA president, Olivier Toth said: “Arena Gliwice will be a very valuable asset to the association, not only as one of the largest and most modern sports and entertainment venues in Poland but also in adding greater geographic diversity to the Association whose Eastern European members now total almost 20% of total EAA members.” In order to become part of the EAA, the venue had to meet a set of criteria. The organization only admits indoor, enclosed roof arenas with a minimum capacity of 6,000, capable of being used for multifunctional sports content, such as entertainment and leisure events, sports, corporate and trade events and exhibitions. Additionally, venue management is key. The applicant must demonstrate value to existing EAA members by proving that their knowledge and experience will be a useful asset. Having taken all of these considerations into account, the EAA Board decided that Arena Gliwice qualified for membership. Marcin Herra, CEO of Arena Operator, the company managing Arena Gliwice, said: “It’s a great honour for our team. This membership shows that the combination of a cutting-edge venue with expert knowledge and an effective management system yields positive results. Being part of the EAA motivates us to work even harder while also giving us the opportunity to share in the best international practices that the EAA is committed to spreading among its members.” Being part of EAA will strengthen Arena Gliwice's position on the European market, increase the venue's attractiveness for leading music promoters and, consequently, lead to a rise in the number of international live acts. This will have a positive impact on tourism in Gliwice. It's worth noting that according to a report prepared by PwC, Arena Gliwice has already had a positive economic impact on the city. Arena Gliwice's membership in the EAA is guaranteed to boost it even further, and the venue itself has the potential to become one of the leaders in Eastern Europe. European Arenas Association:
  • Established in 1991
  • Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Total membership is now 36 arenas in 20 European countries (including the UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czechia, Poland and France)
  • The EAA can admit up to three members from a single country
  • EAA members meet twice a year to discuss strategy for the following months