PreZero Arena Gliwice

PreZero Arena Gliwice is a multipurpose sports and entertainment venue, one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Poland and second to none in Silesia.


Boasting a floor area of nearly 555K m³, PreZero Arena Gliwice offers an exciting event space that can be used in a multitude of ways. The object comprises two separate venues – Arena Główna (Main Arena) and Mała Arena (Small Arena) – as well as a fitness centre. Both venues use cutting-edge technology and allow a great degree of flexibility: they can be transformed to suit virtually any purpose, be it an international sports event, a world-class concert or a smaller, family-oriented affair.

As proud as we are of our large-scale events, PreZero Arena Gliwice does not stop there. With its excellent acoustics, Mała Arena (Small Arena) will meet the expectations of even the most demanding music lovers, while sport enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that we are home to the highest climbing wall in Europe. The venue also aims to be at the heart of the local community: click here to find out more.


PreZero Arena Gliwice is a truly world-class venue that meets the highest technological standards. As such, it can accommodate a great variety of events. Concerts, shows, screenings, sports competitions in hockey, athletics, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, football, boxing – we’ve got it all covered.